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Transmission Services

A vehicle’s transmission is what actually enables the tires to spin, due to a transference of power from the engine to the wheels. As you can imagine, this makes the transmission an incredibly important component of a vehicle, as it makes it an actual vehicle. Replacing or fixing a transmission can be incredibly tricky, and sometimes a new transmission can cost more than a new vehicle, altogether. This makes transmission maintenance very critical for the life of your vehicle. The technicians at Master Lube Taylorsville are highly familiar with the various issues surrounding different types of transmissions, and can help the people in our community with a variety of different transmission-based services.

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions are able to automatically take the power from the engine and use it to make the tires drive, without any effort from the driver. Most modern vehicles are made with an automatic transmission. Maintenance and fluid changes for your automatic transmission are crucial to ensure the life of your vehicle. Our technicians can help educate you about how best to service and care for your automatic transmission, and can replace filters to keep your transmission fluid clean, as well as change your fluid.

Manual Transmission Service

Manual transmissions get to the same end result as automatic transmissions but the operator of the vehicle needs to manually shift the gears to get the maximum amount of energy from the engine to the tires, giving it the most efficient RPMs. Transmission fluid is very important for the continuous usage of manual transmissions, just like automatic transmissions, because old and dirty transmission fluid will make it difficult or impossible for the user to switch gears. This can potentially cause james. We have certified transmission technicians that oversee every repair of manual transmissions in our shop.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

We can’t stress enough how important transmission fluid is to the long-term health of your vehicle. Manual transmission fluid provides a protective barrier for all of the moving parts in your transmission. Automatic transmission fluid is just as important for lubrication, cooling, and cleanliness. Any transmission maintenance or repair at Master Lube Taylorsville comes complete with a full transmission fluid exchange.

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